Life is the catalyst for my artwork.  I get angry, scared, or excited about love, whether it be lost love or found love and find myself  compelled to want to draw, paint or put my emotions in an image of that emotion.  My teen years drew me to social justice.  I remember drawing Indigenous tribal people and making their cheekbones as strong as mountains or their hair as fluid as the waters or eyes as vast as the sky.  I grew more and more connected to the Earth and the people who most loved her.  My own struggles became trivial in comparison of the losses endured by these people and creating their image in art gave me strength.


When I was much younger I dreamed of becoming an artist, then wanted to be a nurse because of early hospitalization and the kindness of the nurses, and then I wanted to be a social worker when I was in high school because of my interest in diverse cultures like the indigenous tribes who were protesting a lot in the 1970's.  Being an artist encompasses all fo my dream careers into one great vocation.  I can create whimsical murals for children to enjoy or I can inject my activism into a portrait that captures a person's message to many.  I can create an environmental piece of a vast landscape or  create a small corner of a room with a child hidden in shadows.  Art is such a wonderful gift and I am so appreciative to be able to express my wildest dreams or others' visions.  


Being an artist is taking a journey to self discovery and sharing that journey with all those who want to tag along or just take a glimpse...thank you for tagging or glimpsing.

Kimberly Miller

As an environmental and humanist activist my art is channeled through my heart and soul.  Each artwork that is created actually recreates me and tells me how it's story will reveal something about me.   - Kimberly Miller